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Surprisingly Good Vape Mail

How Vaping Votex Works

Easy and Hassle Free Mystery Vape Mail

We Strive to make the process as easy and exciting as possible.

Step 1: Select the box size and preferences.

Step 2: Wait for us to choose the contents of your box and post it.

Step 3: Receive, enjoy and brag about your box on social media.

Our Boxes

Something For Everyone

You should know:
All Boxes include FREE UK postage! 
By nature, not everything in the box description will be in every package...
However we do your best to make sure the contents of each package is diverse.


Value Vortex

A great option for a great range of Vapers. Enjoy excellent value.
This plan will generally consist of E-Liquid and Accessories but every now and then one lucky box will contain extras (I.E. Merch, and low budget hardware like a tank or pod system.)

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This is a great box to receive a bit of everything.
This package may include things like E-liquid, Accessories, Merch, Tanks, Pod Systems. But every now and then one lucky box will contain extras (I.E. a Mod

or Kit)

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The clouds are the Limit with this box.

This package may include anything you could get in the Tornado box PLUS Mods/kits.

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